Table Barrier

Sleek and modern, desktop privacy panel provides a barrier while still allowing full view. It separates the work or eating area from others to shield against cough or sneeze. Table Barrier allows for personal space for each person protecting against any germs or viruses. Each panel acts as a moveable partition to provide separate space and block distractions. The panels can be moved easily and remounted. Table barrier works well for cafes, restaurants, hotels as well as offices. With defined modular space, seating area on the table can be easily adjusted. 

Feet or Clamp options are available for stability of the divider. Rubber pads on the clamp and feet protects the table and hold divider in place. Reverse clamp and support foot for installation on front or back of table surface.

Silver anodised aluminium profile, steel feet and clamp are resistant against food or fizzy drink spills. It is easy to clean even the feet and clamp grooves filled with any food or drink. Simply take of the feet or clamp and clean the grooves with damp cloth. 


UHTB0N0067 600 X 700 mm
UHTB0N0077 700 X 700 mm
UHTB0N0087 800 X 700 mm
UHTB0N0097 900 X 700 mm
UHTB0N0107 1000 X 700 mm


UHTBBG0000 Feet (Pcs 2)
UHTBCG0000 Clamp Feet (Pcs 2)