Poster Snap

• One set comes with profiles, end caps and hangers.
• Easy to assembly without tool.
• Screen printing is available on the profile. 
• Patented product (TR 2005 01301)



Patent Pending TR 2005 01301

  MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UPT26SN021 216 mm 210 mm 5,700 kg 220 X 260 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPT26SN030 306 mm 300 mm 8,500 kg 220 X 360 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPT26SN042 426 mm 420 mm 11,500 kg 220 X 480 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPT26SN050 506 mm 500 mm 13,200 kg 220 X 560 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPT26SN060 606 mm 600 mm 17,000 kg 220 X 660 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPT26SN070 706 mm 700 mm 19,000 kg 220 X 760 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPT26SN085 856 mm 850 mm 12,000 kg 180 X 910 X 220 mm (25 pcs)
UPT26SN100 1006 mm 1000 mm 13,500 kg 180 X 1070 X 220 mm (25 pcs)

















* W:Width    H: Height   D: Depth


Poster Snap


A sign hanger, such as a poster holder or banner holder, can be easily hung in your retail environment. The sign hanger offers a slim hanging rail for unobstructed viewing. Kit includes: Profiles, end caps and hangers. Easily assembly without tool Screen printing is available on the profile.

Bottom Snap Rail holds your posters flat and taut.

This sign hanger uses spring-loading technology for holding posters. Open the poster holder and you will see a black rubber gasket which helps grab your posters tightly. Our sign hanger, which is like a banner display system, installs easily and makes switching out posters a snap. Buy this versatile sign hanger for all your hanging poster needs. Sign hangers, banner rails, and other poster hangers perform the task of getting your message across. Various sizes are available. A banner holder or display system will greatly improve sales and promotions by showing the customer what is available.