Opti Frame 14 mm Wood

• Wooden color backing and counter support.
• The front profiles have a wood effect finish and the
   thickness is 14 mm. 
• Eco-friendly.
• The product is protected worldwide by all
   relevant patent applications.
• Anti-glare poster cover sheet.
*Lansdcape & Portrait positions on counter or wall.




Patent: PCT/TR06/000018 - WO 2007/126397 - EP 2016574 - DE 20 2006 020 145 - US 2009/211134 - AU 2006342800 - CN 101473363 - CA 2654307 - UA 2008 13893 - EA 200802174/26 - IN WO 2007/126397 - ZA 2008/09638 - TR 2007 05704 - OHIM 831235-0001,2,3,4


  MATERIAL : Wood Look Effect  PROFILE : 14 mm  450   WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UCP145W0A5 169 X 231 mm 148 X 210 mm 138 X 200 mm Without support 0,250 kg 185 X 250 X 24 mm
UCP145W0A6 126 X 169 mm 105 X 148 mm 95 X 138 mm Without support 0,140 kg 140 X 190 X 24 mm
UCP145W1A5 169 X 231 mm 148 X 210 mm 138 X 200 mm With support 0,265 kg 185 X 250 X 24 mm
UCP145W1A6 126 X 169 mm 105 X 148 mm 95 X 138 mm With support 0,155 kg 140 X 190 X 24,mm










* W:Width    H: Height   D: Depth







































Opti Frame 14 mm Wood

Opti Frame is a new snap opening frame display product that brings a new dimension to snap open sign frames. As it is a multipurpose sign, it can be used as;

•    photo frame,
•    picture frame,
•    graphic frame,
•    wall sign,
•    wall frame,
•    door sign,
•    office door sign,
•    conference room sign

14mm / 0.55”, wood effect color profile gives this aluminium office door sign a sleek and stylish look. It can be installed in either landscape or portrait position giving you the option for different arrangements. The backing is patterned plastic. Aluminum office door sign comes ready for wall mounting with 2 holes on both long sides. Wall hanging is also available with wall hanger holes; placed on one of short and long sides. It is also possible to use them on counters in both portrait and landscape positions with the easel feature available. Moreover, the easel has the same shade of front profiles for the integrity.

Slightly rounder mitred corners ensure maximum safety in public areas.Four frame edges can be flipped open for accessing to the poster area. First, pleace your 5” x 7” poster in the frame then the anti-glare plastic lens and snap shut the four edges. It is that simple. Changing the graphic with this aluminum office door sign is also easy, without having to take it off from the Wall.

This aluminum office door sign or as also can be cold as snap open frame will enhance the interior atmosphere of your business.

Sizes available A5, A6, 5”x7” and 8”x10”.