Novel Sanitizing Station - Vol1

Floor standing Novel Sanitizing Station is essential item to minimize the spread of any gems such as virus or bacteria in the society. It is constructed aluminium with heavy and stabile base. Novel Sanitizing Station completed with a snap frame for the messages for public as well as sanitizing dispenser. Designed for 1000 ml and 500 ml gel sanitizer and foam soap (not included).


 Novel Sanitizing Station
UFSSNN1001 Novel Sanitizing Station 0,5l Dispensers with A4 Snap Frame
UFSSNN2001 Novel Sanitizing Station 1l Dispensers with A4 Snap Frame
UFSSNN1003 Novel Sanitizing Station 0,5L with A3 Opti Frame
UFSSNN2003 Novel Sanitizing Station 0,1L with A3 Opti Frame


UMSDA105A4 A4 - 8.5”X11” Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)
UMSDA100A5 A5 Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)
UMSDA10A43 A4/3 Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)
UYPFSPN000 Pump & Wipe Dispenser Bracket
UYPFSBN000 Box Dispenser Bracket
UFSD001001 Sanitizing Dispensers 500 ml. (without jel) - Vol 1
UFSD002001 Sanitizing Dispensers 1000 ml. (without jel) - Vol 1
UFSD002A01 Sanitizing Dispensers 1000 ml. (without jel) - Vol 2