Hand Stanitizer Floor Stand With Opti Frame Vol2

• Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand with A3 Opti Frame is ideal for
  use for hand sanitisers.
• It is raised on a 4 kg powder coated metal sheet base
  (35cm x 35cm x 4mm), which gives an extra stability
  during pushes on dispensers.
• It is equipped with an aluminium snap open A3 Opti
  Frame and its anti-reflex poster protection for messages
  and hygiene rules to draw attention.
• Overall height of the stand is 155 cm. 2-channel profile
  accepts free standing accessories such as disposable
  glove, wet wipe or mask box holder, brochure holders or
  banners to allow using as double sided stand.
• Opti Frame’s and Dispenser’s position at height is also
  adjustable on the pole, moving up and down the channel
  of the aluminium post.
• Made of durable ABS plastic, dispenser is easy to access
  for refiling the gel or liquid by the shop or maintenance
  staff. It is easy to take off and clean.
• EU size dispenser which can be filled up to 1 liter with gel,
  disinfectant, soap or alcohol.
• Dispenser pump is elbow push. It drops liquids rather than


  MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium  WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
USSA0N2A02 Hand Stand Floor Standing Vol2, 1L Dispensers with A3 Opti Frame 10,500 kg 410 X 910 X 150 mm
USSA0N2A03 Hand Stand Floor Standing Vol2, 1L Dispensers with 11”x17” Opti Frame 10,500 kg 410 X 820 X 150 mm

* W:Width    H: Height   D: Depth