Cork Board

• Ideal solutions for dailiy use in public areas.
• 4 x A4, 6 x A4, 9 x A4 and 12 x A4 are
   available paper capacities.



  MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UCB0N004A4 530 X 700 mm 447 X 647 mm 4 X A4 1,950 kg 500 X 720 X 31 mm
UCB0N006A4 530 X 1020 mm 477 X 967 mm 6 X A4 3,020 kg 690 X 760 X 31 mm
UCB0N009A4 760 X 1020 mm 707 X 967 mm 9 X A4 3,900 kg 730 X 1030 X 31 mm









* W:Width    H: Height   D: Depth

Cork Board

Corkboards are ideal solutions for public information centers. Practical, useful, beneficial, to the point. This enclosed unit is surrounded by a silver aluminium frame with 27mm or 1,7”profile. They are also often used in businesses, academic institutions, student dorms, rest rooms, staff rooms or at home.  A message display communicates with guests and visitors of an establishment. They are like bulletin boards for announcements and reminders, or as an alarm clock for notes and reminders.


This tack unit is especially beneficial when mounted in a high traffic area. It’s easily mountable with hanging clips or the double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the frame. Since the notes and contributions to them, in them, is always traffic around. Therefore these boards first attract, then hold attention. Along with the wood frame cork boards or other aluminium bulletin boards, these silver framed boards can be used and re-used for a long time and also its surface is resilient and self healing. 4 x A4, 6 x A4, 9 x A4 and 12 x A4 are available paper capacities.