Budget Clear Hygiene Barrier

• Budget Clear Hygiene Barrier creates a physical barrier between customers and workers in the same environment such as POS checkouts, cash registers, tables or desks. It helps protecting against unwanted contamination from airborne viruses as well as bacteria and germs that can be caused by coughing or sneezing. 

• It is good for takeout counters, pharmacies, grocery stores, offices and banks. 

• It is made of sturdy aluminum frame and transparent clear 1 mm Plastech PET to provide clear view on both sides of the barrier. 


UHBBN00810 800 X 1000 mm
UHBBN01010 1000 X 1000 mm
UHBBN01210 1200 X 1000 mm
UHBBN00812 800 X 1200 mm
UHBBN01012 1000 X 1200 mm
UHBBN01212 1200 X 1200 mm



UMSDA105A4 A4 - 8.5”X11” Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)
UMSDA100A5 A5 Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)
UMSDA10A43 A4/3 Brochure Holder (5 Pcs)
UYPFSPN000 Pump & Wipe Dispenser Bracket
UYPFSBN000 Box Dispenser Bracket
UFSD001001 Sanitizing Dispensers 500 ml. (without jel) - Vol 1
UFSD002001 Sanitizing Dispensers 1000 ml. (without jel) - Vol 1
UFSD002A01 Sanitizing Dispensers 1000 ml. (without jel) - Vol 2

• Budget Clear Hygiene Barriers can be placed next to other to create a clear wall. 
• High stability and lightweight for convenient mobility.

• Simple to clean. Use a soft cloth and soapy water  only. Do not use scouring compounds or chemical glass cleaners as they may harm surface.
• Budget Clear Hygiene Barrier is 100% Made in Turkey by M&T Displays.

• In 2 heights; 1000 mm and 1200 mm, Budget Clear Hygiene Barriers is available in 6 standard sizes. Please ask for custom sizes. 

• Delivered feet unassembled to save from transport